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the best evangelism happens over beers or lattes

— Rebecca Lipkowitz

Great quote, right from the Heart of Lippy.


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On sunday I was officially “comissioned” as a Student Worker at All Saints Church. I responded to a series of questions, including my trust in Jesus and the care of those entrusted to me by Bryan (the pastor), with a “I do” or “with God’s help, I will”.

Then the church warden read out the passages in Timothy and Titus pertaining to a “godly leader” (Lord help me!). The ceremony ended with the Vestry laying their hands on me and praying for me. It was quite touching, and challenging.

May God have mercy!

For more pictures, click on the one below

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Microsoft Surface

When YouTube and Sarcasm do the world some good…

*warning: some foul language*

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