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Date-Dabitur has posted a real conversation he had with his son, 22 years ago. Quite an outstanding piece, really. Shocking, funny and tragic, all at the same time. Check it out, here.

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I am absolutely perplexed by this. It bothers me, especially taking into account that Anglican Liturgy, while fully Catholic, is not Roman catholic in any way, and this is particularly clear when it comes to the sacramental liturgy -where I believe, the BCP takes the Calvinist position (James help me here if I’m wrong).

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I’m feeling pretty bad right now. I’ve hurt someone and I’ve made a lot of mistakes that have offended God. In times like these, it’s great to take hold of ancient prayers, such as the Prayer of Manasseh (found in some modern BCP, here’s the Biblical context):

A Song of Penitence Kyrie Pantokrator
Prayer of Manasseh 1-2, 4, 6-7, 11-15


O Lord and Ruler of the hosts of heaven,
God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
and of all their righteous offspring:
You made the heavens and the earth,
with all their vast array.
All things quake with fear at your presence;
they tremble because of your power.
But your merciful promise is beyond all measure;
it surpasses all that our minds can fathom.
O Lord, you are full of compassion,
long-suffering, and abounding in mercy.
You hold back your hand;
you do not punish as we deserve.
In your great goodness, Lord,
you have promised forgiveness to sinners,
that they may repent of their sin and be saved.
And now, O Lord, I bend the knee of my heart,
and make my appeal, sure of your gracious goodness.
I have sinned, O Lord, I have sinned,
and I know my wickedness only too well.
Therefore I make this prayer to you:
Forgive me, Lord, forgive me.
Do not let me perish in my sin,
nor condemn me to the depths of the earth.
For you, O Lord, are the God of those who repent,
and in me you will show forth your goodness.
Unworthy as I am, you will save me,
in accordance with your great mercy,
and I will praise you without ceasing all the days of my life.
For all the powers of heaven sing your praises,
and yours is the glory to ages of ages. Amen.

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I ain’t gonna lie: I love liturgy and in particular, the Book of Common prayer (I am Anglican, after all). One day I will probably post a rant on the value liturgy in shaping community worship, but I have no time right now, as I am under pressure this week to hand in my thesis.

However, I thought I’d post the typical BCP public confession, that I often use in private prayer as well. Here’s the “Common Worship” version, in contemporary english.

Almighty and most merciful Father,
we have wandered and strayed from your ways like lost sheep.
We have followed too much the devices and desires of our own hearts.
We have offended against your holy laws.
We have left undone those things that we ought to have done;
and we have done those things that we ought not to have done;
and there is no health in us.
But you, O Lord, have mercy upon us sinners.
Spare those who confess their faults.
Restore those who are penitent,
according to your promises declared to mankind in Christ Jesus our Lord.
And grant, O most merciful Father, for his sake,
that we may live a disciplined, righteous and godly life,
to the glory of your holy name.

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